Why Might you WANT to attend the Local Convention and Trade Show?

“I HATE CONVENTIONS!” If this is you, please continue to read. If you HATE conventions, it may not be the Convention’s fault. Could it be that you are simply going about attending conventions wrong? One Primary function of Most (if not ALL) Professional Associations is to put together an annual convention for the members. These […]

Safety Requires Participation

As we (along with 10,000 of our closest friends) were walking to the start of the annual Boulevard Bolt – a 5 mile Thanksgiving Morning Run, we approached the parking lot and were following the herd of people streaming¬†along. Few, if any, of the people were paying any attention whatsoever where they were going assuming […]

Monday Morning Coffee – It all begins with Attitude

Whatever it is . . . Whatever may be happening . . . Whoever is “in the house” . . . Whenever it starts . . . It ALL begins with Attitude. Adopt and Maintain an attitude of potential, growth, success, warmth, possibilities . . . and things go better (even in the worst of […]

Lessons from a Snail Trail

Walking the dog this morning and glanced at the pavement. The sun was just rising and offered an interesting mural of patterns in the heavy dew, I studied this Particular trail and noted only 2 straight lines . . . assuming one entry and one exit. This snail was on his/her way to somewhere and […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Joy & Adventure!

Good Morning! I’m one of those believers that every day I wake up alive is a great day. The alternative isn’t so appealing. Today’s my birthday . . . and through my many many years on this planet (entering my 50th year), Birthdays have always been a day of personal introspection. Generally speaking, it’s a […]