Monday Morning Coffee – Sand Writing Wisdom

Good Monday to ya! Seems I’m just now getting settled in enough to write this week’s “coffee” (@ Noon) which is par for the course following a 5 day trip to the beach. 🙂 I hope you had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving . . . one that provided a fresh batch of newly minted memories. We […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The Little Way

Heard in “Adult Religious Education” this Sunday during a very lively presentation about the History of a handful of Saints: “The Little Way – Doing Everything out of LOVE!” The rest of the presentation was very entertaining but paled in impact as I pondered the true power of The Little Way. This was just minutes […]

YOU Just Have NO Idea . . .

When someone’s acting crazy and irrational, most of us are quick to judge. “What a JERK!” “She is just CRAZY!” “Why is he being SO unreasonable?” “What is WRONG with that IDIOT?” Here’s the deal – Before you judge – Consider this: Every one of us has our own story. We all have highs and […]