Go ahead and clear the slate

How long will you jerry-rig that contraption before you lose patience? It’s that thing that’s not working as it should, and we tolerate the necessary work-arounds under the heading of: “It still works even if not well or consistently.” Some folks take great pride in keeping that thing alive rather then replacing it with another, […]

Let’s make hay while the sun is shining

Good Morning!Very little (if any) rain is in the forecast this week in Middle TN . . . YAY! Spring has sprung in Owen Hollow –¬†Looks like Imma gonna hafta cut some grass next weekend.In today’s Http://BarrysDriveTime.com, I talked about “deciding to start” . . . That’s my theme for this week. With the seemingly […]

Don’t be confused about your role in the RE Transaction

I had to “FIRE” my favorite lender @ 20 years ago. This loan originator was ON THE BALL! She was uber responsive to the client AND to me (the Client’s REALTOR). At the time, I was working almost exclusive with first time home buyers . . . LOTS of 1st time buyers, so I really […]

If you are breathing and you have a real estate license . . .

There are myriad Real Estate Firms that will “hire” you sight unseen just on the chance that you might sell a house or more. Call me “old fashioned” but this disturbs me a bit. I’m noticing a trend of Real Estate Firms and teams upping their recruiting games with job postings, cold-calling agents, and other […]