You learned how to do this at a VERY early age.

Your parents set clearly defined boundaries, and you immediately began “testing” those boundaries. At first, your parents might not have noticed your sly rule breaking, and when they did notice, their reaction potentially set a precedent that would stay with you for your entire life. If they laughed and said it was was cute, “but […]

Where’s the end of your rope?

Is there an end to your rope? What’s your tolerance? I’d venture to say that we ALL have an end to our rope. Sadly, some people choose to continually length their rope rather than reaching the end. When your rope has no end . . . there are no boundaries. Ah yes! If you’re feeling […]

Wait for it . . .

Creativity and Spirit don’t know time. Just because it’s “scheduled” doesn’t mean it’ll magically manifest exactly at the appointed time. This is a hard pill swallow in this high tech “gimme NOW” environment in which we are swimming. Whenever it starts will be the right time. If you’re impatient and decided to rush things . […]

How to get the right people to come to your event.

I host MANY events large and small. Some might consider me to be a “serial inviter”. An idea pops into my head, or I notice an emerging issue or opportunity, or I see potential in gathering together a specific group of people, or I get the feeling that: If these people who don’t yet know […]

Getting what you need – not want

You might want what you need . . . or need what you want. Sometimes, what you need isn’t what you want. Similarly, what you want isn’t what you need. How do we reconcile this? Today, I was cleaning up my Google Drive, and I stumbled across this quote that I needed to hear today. […]