Real Estate Brokerage Trends are myriad

Like a box of chocolates June 12, 2019 was the 1st #TNBroker19 Broker Summit offered by TNREALTORS, the Tennessee Association of REALTORS. This was a full day of great information, and the production was top notch. We heard from the TN Secretary of State Tre Hargett who got things rolling on a good note. His […]

Seth Godin’s “Learning/Doing Gap”

Seth Godin’s timeliness is uncanny! Here’s a link to today’s blog post The Learning/Doing Gap This morning, I am heading to a full day class – NAR TECH EDGE Will it be worth the time invested? What will I learn? Will what I learn be relevant and how might it enhance my doing? Seth suggests […]

In good times and bad times . . .

Keep on riding that wave! Some days are better than others. Some weeks are better than others. Some months are better than others. Some years ROCK while some others not so much! Whether in the good or the bad, what’s remarkable about you is your resilience. I see you rolling with the punches and soaring […]

The darn thing doesn’t work

In this digital world we’re in, things often don’t go as smoothly as we want. The “Red Flag” that danger lurks is often in the form of of a declaration on the box (or website advertisement) . . . “EASY INSTALLATION!” . . . “Some assembly required”. We expect an experience commensurate with these promises […]