What is worth?

WORTH: the value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held – a literary heritage of great worth –  moral or personal value MERIT, EXCELLENCE What is YOUR worth? What is your worth to others? What is the worth of others to you? Is considering the meaning of “worth” a […]

A “Maintenance Week”

How long has it been since you had a Maintenance week? Do you know what that is? We know that we must properly maintain our automobiles, home air conditioning systems, our teeth, and pretty much everything we own. If we fail to maintain our “tools” that make our lives easier, they will ultimately become less […]

Take your medicine!

Thor didn’t want to take his medicine this morning! All of the other dogs LOVE the Bravecto Chews they all get every 3 months, but not Thor! Bravecto is an awesome Tick and Flea medicine that makes the dogs toxic to those pests . . . A necessity if you’re gonne be a cannine in […]

Drip – Drip – Drip

Consistent and persistent contact pays huge dividends IF the messages are relevant and deliver value. My ActiveRain Blog page Lifetime Stats: 2564 Blog Posts – 3,311,821 Views – 450 Followers WOW! That’s a LOT of “content”, and it didn’t get there over night. I add a post (almost) every working day. BarrysDriveTime.com has 350 short (6-16 minute) […]

Why are you here?

The invitation popped into my in-box, and the topic piqued my curiosity. I checked my calendar and confirmed that the day and time was doable, and I registered to attend. At that moment of my choosing to register, the topic resonated with me. As the event neared, I received a reminder email and was starting […]