Personal Market Value

What are you worth? Seriously! What’s your value to other people? Why do people choose YOU you hang out with, do business with, Friend you, love you . . . Why you instead of everyone else? It’s a free market out there for relationships. Everyone has lots of options . . . The “inventory” of […]

It’s not “personal” . . .

Doesn’t matter: How big and strong you are . . . How “bulletproof” you believe yourself to be . . . How marvelous, good-looking and charismatic you think you are . . . How skilful and adept you are at your trade . . . How clean your reputation is and how influential you are […]

Who makes the decisions?

At the risk of over-simplifying, every consumer experience (Including professional/Client relationships) has two components . . . The Product and the Process. In my view, it’s the job of the professional to handle the process in such a smooth and anticipatory way that the client may not even be aware that there IS a process . . […]

It’s not WHAT you know – It’s WHO you know!

OH so many sales programs out there . . . always have been. Everyone has an opinion. Often, a mega-performer will “manualize” her way of doing business, package it in a nice little bundle of books, webinars, conferences, and coaching and sell it to the masses of sales pros out there looking for the magic […]


Good morning! The week is looking like it’s going to be a fun week. The real estate market here in Nashville isn’t exactly Rock’n & Roll’n, but it IS moving, and I can sense the momentum building. There’s even a hint of excitement in the air as we watch the inventory gradually decline and notice more […]