Monday Morning Coffee – Integrity, Strength, Apology, and Forgiveness

This past weekend, our family had the extraordinary experience of attending Niece Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah in the ever-so-beautiful setting of Park city, Utah. Having attended several Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah through the years – Cousins, Nieces, and Nephews – I was excited because I ALWAYS find amazing personal fulfillment in the ritual and outpouring […]

Original? or Copy?

Which is it? You were born as an “Original” . . . and there’s not another one like you. Yep! ALL of your magnificence is to YOUR credit. This is the same with ALL of us. We are ALL “Originals” in a world which seems to be conspiring to neutralize (homogenize) us by imposing limitations […]


The semantics are fluid . . . Ask any gaggle of ┬ápeople whose profession is “in sales” what they do for a living, and you’ll hear a veritable smorgasbord of responses. So which is it? In my industry, I tend to use the blanket term “Real Estate Sales Professional” which I think is plenty descriptive […]

YOU Just Have NO Idea . . .

When someone’s acting crazy and irrational, most of us are quick to judge. “What a JERK!” “She is just CRAZY!” “Why is he being SO unreasonable?” “What is WRONG with that IDIOT?” Here’s the deal – Before you judge – Consider this: Every one of us has our own story. We all have highs and […]