When you’re driving . . . DRIVE!

Here in Nashville, TDOT (TN Department of transportation) has installed large message boards over the interstates to give motorists “Breaking News” WRT to traffic issues ahead. When there’s no news to report, they flash the “Number of Highway Deaths in 2012” along with the caution: “Don’t YOU be next – Drive safely!” I drive a […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Your Life Rhythm Budget

Some folks saw the word “Budget” in the title and have chosen not to read this post. “Budget” has a bad rap for many people because of implications of “Discipline” – “Restrictions” – “Boundaries” – “Rigidity” – “Creativity/Innovation inhibitor” . . . “Budget” often offers the perfect escape hatch from new ideas for PIC’s (People […]

“Showing up” is worth a Million Bucks

Would you like to be a Millionaire? Perhaps you’re not motivated by large sums of money, but odds are good you have aspirations for some level of success. Don’t be one of those poor, unfortunate souls who climbs into a cave and sobs into a bowl of wheaties when things aren’t playing out per your […]