OH! So you came up with that price based on Supply and Demand?

After several years of a lot of the same . . . Relatively balanced market . . . REALTORS and home sellers could rely on “Historic Data” to determine how much to ask for a house. It was a mathematical computation based almost entirely on the closed data of similar properties within a close geographic […]


When the weather guru calls for a WINTER STORM WARNING, what happens in the real estate market? I know it’s relative to the area of the country you’re in . . . or is it? The meaning of “WINTER STORM WARNING” may differ drastically in different areas . . . Here in Nashville (Today), it […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Getting a Mortgage isn’t what it used to be

There was a time a few years into the “Down-turn, recession, little depression” (Whatever y9u want to call it) during which the lending environment was VERY unfriendly. Everyone (Politicians and mass media) felt the need to cast blame for the economic woes of the country and the real estate industry was an easy scapegoat, so […]

What’s it worth?

What’s WHAT worth? Whatever “IT” is . . . It’s worth what a Buyer is willing to pay. Is that ALWAYS true? In most things, YES! In real estate . . . maybe not! If a lender is going to assume the bulk of the financial risk by funding the purchase, that lender is going […]