It’s too difficult to buy direct, so AMAZON thrives

I’ve been conducting an experiment. “The logic of the experimental method is that it is a controlled environment which enables the scientist to measure precisely the effects of independent variables on dependent variables, thus establishing cause and effect relationships. This in turn enables them to make predictions about how the dependent variable will act in […]

Convenience Trumps – Well – EVERYTHING

We are not addicted to! We are addicted to the convenience provides. My daughter’s laptop was stolen from her car on her way to Nashville for a visit. BUMMER, eh? She will only be here for a few days, so I wanted to get a new one for her before her departure. I […]

I quit Cold Turkey

I’m Barry Owen, and I am an Amazon.comoholic! For years, has been there for me and has consistently made buying things easier and easier. With just a few clicks, I could find just about anything I wanted to buy often at lower than retail pricing with no shipping fees, and these things would magically […]