If you could have the conference YOUR way . . .

Seth Godin wrote an interesting blog post today about conferences In which he says about attending conferences: “I focus on what I do remember: the engaged conversations. The one on one discussions of what someone is working on. Helping a friend design a book cover or solve a thorny entrepreneurial problem. Sneaking out to go to […]

Nashville Real Estate Consortium

You are hereby INVITED to the first annual Nashville Real Estate Consortium and Trade Show May 5, 2011 8:30 AM – 5ish PM (Party Following) Houston Station – 434 Houston Street 37203 What’s the Purpose? We believe that the Real estate Industry is (and always has been) the foundation of the community. REALTORS tend to be the connectors […]

Why work with a Specialist?

I’d venture to say that regardless of what it is that you want, there is a specialist for that. “There’s an app for that!” The Thing you want is clear in your mind, and you have myriad choices of ways to get that thing . . . We’ll call this thing the PRODUCT (a House?). […]

It’s time for some good learnin’ – New series of FREE Lunch & Learns

I don’t know about you, but I’m launching into 2011 very thankful that I am where I am . . . Still over – not under (the ground) . . . still in business – and excited (albeit with a twinge of trepidation) about the potential in the coming year. I know that to realize […]

How to build a bigger, more reliable real estate sales business without blowing your budget!

Greetings!   How are you doing with respect to leveraging your business relationships?   Are you and your vendors “Co-Marketing” such that you ALL generate more business?   If you are scratching their backs, are they scratching YOURS?   We are offering this FREE presentation entitled:   “Taking REALTOR/Vendor Co-Marketing To The Next Level”   […]