Focus Options Models Systems and Accountability

Everything is moving . . . ALWAYS! In My Facebook Live “Drive Time” broadcast this morning I talked about this . . . In everything you do, are you always on a personal quest to do it better, faster, more efficiently, more effectively than before? I’ll BOLDLY state the you had better be of this […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Friday (Snowmageddon) Edition – to whom are you accountable?

WHEW! It’s been fun week for us here in Middle Tennessee. We’ve had it all in terms of treacherous weather conditions, and as i write this, more snow falls. Wednesday was Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent. Wednesday was also  “Snow Day” for all schools and most businesses in Nashville including many churches, […]

Be kind (To Yourself)

Yep! Once in while, we all drop a ball (or 2). Sometimes we forget to return a call (or 2). Maybe we get “too busy” and miss an appointment (or 2). Perhaps we make a few promises and fail to deliver a time (or 2). When’s the last time you set a goal (or 2) […]

Heard today: “Accountability doesn’t work!”

REALLY? This comment came at the end of session I facilitated during which I stressed the importance of having a strong accountability network built around the participants’ efforts to implement The Life Rhythm Way. Throughout the session, my mantra was that understanding the flow of the “system” was only the beginning . . . that […]

The Responsibilities of an Accountability Partner

This week, I began facilitation of “LRW2 – Life Rhythm Workshop 2” This first of a 6 session series is all about guiding the participants towards learning/remembering their Life Purpose and acknowledging their myriad Life Roles while living here amongst the rest of us. We then take the next step of painting a picture of […]