Constructive Busyness

It’s not very difficult to be busy. Most of us humans wake up each morning and do our routine of getting ready for a BUSY day. There are a couple of ways we can be busy. We might busy ourselves by doing the following: Meditate and/or Pray Read Plan and Calendar Eat Exercise Love, Laugh, […]

How to Make More Money With Less Stress

I think there are a LOT of people out there working themselves to death because that’s what they think the “Have To Do” to perform at a high level. Of course, most everyone has a differing definition of “High Performance” ranging from “Selling 1 widget per month” to “Selling 20 widgets per month” . . […]

Rush Hour Traffic

Don’t you HATE it? Getting caught in a traffic snarl ┬áis especially exasperating when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. This can turn perfectly happy and well adjusted people into road raging animals. It happens every morning, at lunch time, and again in the evening. A bajillion people go to work at the same […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The Little Things

When people say “Don’t sweat the small stuff!“, they’re generally referencing obsessive compulsive distraction by pesky issues . . . When something someone says rubs you the wrong way or has a quirk or mannerism that bugs you, and you allow it to consume your attention to the point at which you lose focus on […]

Listening . . .

What’s the number ONE reason you might refer a Business or Professional to a Family member, friend, or work associate? Gut instinct might be something along the lines of: “They served me well, had a smooth process, and charged a fair fee . . . were personable and professional . . . got the job […]