Does the weather affect your business?

Mother Nature sure can make a mess of things sometimes. Whether it be snow, sleet, rain, sunny, Tornado, Hurricane, monsoon, drought, flood, warm, cold, how able are we to continue with “business as usual?” We all know the Mail delivers regardless of the weather – always has. Do you? Even as the Meteorologists invest in […]


This I know to be true – Miracles DO happen in real estate. Just when we think the deal is DEAD . . . Like a phoenix rising, new life shows up and the darned thing CLOSES. Of course, it doesn’t always happen this way because many deals fail these days for myriad reasons: Inspections […]

You’re getting what you paid for . . .

Do you shop at Walmart expecting Nordstrom‘s Service and quality? While you’re there, do you belly-ache the whole time and tell everyone you see how HORRIBLE Walmart is? So, let me get this right . . . You want to pay Walmart’s Low Prices and enjoy Nordstrom Level Customer pampering, right? Your expectations aren’t realistic, […]