Following Heart Grants Wishes

Every day, without fail, Seth Godin publishes a blog post. For MANY years, Seth’s often pithy and provocative thoughts are among the first notions I entertain each and every day . . .

Some of these thoughts are “RIGHT ON!” and some are “not so much”, and ALL are appreciated and often quoted by me in my own blog posts as I “run with” the seeds of thought Seth has planted for the day.

Today’s post from Seth is in perfect synch with the cacophony of ideas swirling about in my head . . . Recently, I have been working on being more intentional about the Intentions, Desires, Wants, Perceived NEEDS which I “allow” to frame in my consciousness NOW.

This is a very powerful thing . . . CHOOSING wishes that align with passion invites the entire Universe to co-conspire with us to create the conditions that are favorable for the granting of these wishes.

“I wish for more money” is VERY different than “I wish to be doing work that feeds my soul”

When we feed our souls, our wishes often mysteriously come true.

Follow you Heart!

Below is Seth Godin’s post this morning!

Careful what you wish for

Because wishes don’t always come true, but wishing takes a lot of time and energy and focus.

What you wish for determines how you’re spending a juicy part of your day. If you wish for something you can’t control, that might fill you with frustration or distract you from wishing that could lead to productive work.

Better to wish for something where the wishing itself is a useful act, one that shifts your attitude and focus.

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