Yes . . . Houses DO sell during the Holidays!

Don’t you LOVE it when your house is less cluttered?

You know those times when life comes at you so fast that lots of things end up in places other than where they belong?

When it’s cluttered, it feels dirty.

Anxiety increases until you hit the wall and decide it’s time to STOP THE MADNESS (or pause it) long enough to tidy and clean.

Guess what?

The same principle applies to the real estate market.

2015 has been a BUSY year.

It’s been sheer mayhem with so many messy, multiple offer, deals and frenetic activity.

For this reason, we WELCOME the kinder and gentler pace the Holidays tend to instill . . . a Tranquilizing effect.

Every year, I’ve witnessed MANY REALTORS relaxing their “game” and intentionally taking time off through the Holidays while some others refuse to break their stride and continue forth.

This always ends up working out best for Home Buyers and Sellers because many Sellers (who are less motivated) take their houses off the market during the Holidays . . . so there’s less volume (clutter) for the Buyers to wade through.

The few REALTORS who continue to work find themselves working with clients who have been “orphaned” by those agents who chose the path of hibernation.

The Buyers and sellers in THIS market are SERIOUS and MOTIVATED, so there is far less game playing.

I like the tenor and the pace of the real estate market through the holidays and ALWAYS continue to work.

Interestingly, for all of the 23+ years I have worked in this industry, November and December have been the strongest months of the year.

Less clutter . . .

So . . . If you’re having thoughts of making a move (Buying and/or selling a house), my opinion is that NOW is the BEST time for you to do so.

I can speak for all of the Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty that we are poised and ready to serve you through the holidays.

Connect with us today to get this process started . . . We’ll keep it SMOOOTH!


Published by Barry Owen

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