When you know you’re on a GREAT team!

Talent is not enough!

A superstar cannot perform at her best without a solid team in the trenches WITH her.

I’ve seen many extreme athletes bedazzle the crowd with their super-human moves and finesse . . . while the team’s win-loss record is more LOSS than WIN!

There’s this magical thing called “FLOW” which kicks in when a team gets the skill of Teamwork . . . Suddenly, the important things start to happen with apparent effortlessness.

Often folks want to credit the success or failure of a team to the coach (they lose, so the coach gets FIRED!) . . . or to the Team Captain . . . or to the few SUPERSTARS . . . I think this mentality is tragically short-sighted.

The best teams are the ones with the mentality that everyone on the team is a LEADER and a SUPERSTAR. Each player is THE master of her specialty, AND she is willing to do whatever it takes to secure SUCCESS even if it means playing a different position in a pinch . . . or knowing when she’s fatigued and not playing her best and signaling need for a little bench time.

Please watch the video – The St Cecilia Soccer team is one to watch this year. Their first 2 Scrimmages against 2 very solid and tough teams have demonstrated a level of teamwork I have not witnessed in several years of watching club and High School competition.

At the end of each game, EVERY player was celebrated by every other player.

Communication during the game was flawless.

The players were selfless (in a healthy way).

There was NO perceptible drama – these players were there to get this DONE!

Every player on the field was “ALL IN” with every minute of play – Attacking the ball – Anticipating/Creating space to move the ball down field – Recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities to gain advantage . . . All the while OBVIOUSLY having FUN!

Just WOW!


Odds are decent YOU are on a few teams.

How do they compare?

How might you be able to improve their effectiveness?

Is everyone on the team equally validated and engaged?

Is there drama present?

Things to think about, because I believe EVERY team CAN “Get this” . . . but most won’t.

Therein lies the diff between “The Vital Few” (20%) and “The Trivial Many”(80%)!

. . . Thus the reason we Real Estate Sales Professionals of Pareto Realty claim “Vital Few” worthiness . . . What a GREAT team we have 🙂

If you’re a REALTOR in Middle TN interested in “upping your game” with a Vital Few Team, connect with me to schedule a confidential 1:1 to learn about how our business model differs from EVERYONE else’s.

You, too, can be a member of our Vital Few team of Niche Real Estate Sales Professionals.


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