When you know your niche and unapologetically stay true to it

After years of having my hair cut at one of the franchise Hair cutting places, I decided to give a REAL Barber Shop a try.

The truth is that I have been going to that particular place out of habit . . . There was NO other reason.

As I look back through the years, I realize that I started going there because it was inexpensive – REALLY inexpensive. With my “Military Discount”, I could get a haircut for $6.

A few years ago, new owners discontinued the Military Discounts which doubled the cost for me, but I kept on going regardless . . . habitually.

The past few times I visited, discontent showed up, and I realized that what I was getting was worse than inexpensive . . . It was CHEAP.

It had been years since I walked out of the that “hair Cutting” place feeling like I had great experience and getting a great haircut.

Then I noticed (for the first time), that the word “Barber” was nowhere to be seen.

While I was digesting this, I then realized that, for all those years, I seldom had the same “stylist” cut my hair . . . I had never had a personal connection with anyone there . . . EVER!

They only knew my name when they typed my phone number into their computer.

There I was, for years, paying for marginal hair cuts without any “relationship” with anyone.

No wonder I didn’t go for haircuts with enthusiasm.

This week, I decided to do something NEW and BOLD!

I knew of a BARBER Studio about 100 yards from my office because I drive or walk past multiple times every ever day. Every time I pass, all of the chairs are full, and everyone there there appears to be happy and engaged . . . Like they were having FUN!

So, all these years and I’ve been doing hair thing all WRONG!

Hair cuts could have been convenient and fun for me all along.

Friday, I scheduled an appointment with Bradley for yesterday morning.

Best hair cut experience since my Mother taking me to the Belle Meade Barber Shop.

These guys are real guys with personality and Barber skills, and even though this was my first visit, I felt like I was one of the “regulars”.

Forty Ten Barbers KNOW their niche and stick to it.

Lots of men with beards . . . and as I was leaving a woman was coming in for a Barber cut (no beard).

How refreshing . . . They know their niche and do ONLY that.

Forty Ten Barber Studio


Many of the other hair cutting places are generalists who cut hair.

The best part of this for me was my realization that “Traditional Services” includes building relationships with their clients.

How might this post help you define YOUR niche?

It’s worth consideration.

THIS is how you earn “Raving Fans”

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