When FATTER is BETTER . . .

There’s a HUGE industry surrounding the health concerns of obesity in America these days.

Just about any Doctor will tell you myriad reasons to slim yourself down . . .

Save your own life by Eating smaller portions of healthier foods and exercising daily.

This has many people thinking “thinner is better,” and when it comes to personal health and well-being . . . I agree.

BUT . . .

Thinner is NOT always BETTER.

I can think one aspect of your business in which FATTER is BETTER.

The FATTER your pipeline of prospects and new customers and clients, the healthier you’ll business will be.

How FAT is FAT enough?

I cannot imagine any possibility that a pipeline of new business could ever be TOO fat . . . As it gets fatter, you may need to create more leveraged follow-up systems and/or “scale your operation UP” by hiring more people . . . but “TOO FAT?”


Every so often, I’ll receive a call from an agent who is freaking out due to:

  • Experiencing a dip in business/closings
  • Dealing with a particularly frustrating transaction from which the agent NEEDS the commission
  • an Overbearing/difficult client
  • Doubting personal skill/ability/knowledge
  • and more

ALL of these issues become smaller when the Lead Pipeline is FATTER.

Of course, we can all improve our knowledge and skills through experience (Years in the Business), training, Reading DIY books, Hiring a coach, following a mentor . . . but none of that necessarily solves the root problem of having a skinny pipeline.

If you’re going day to day in freak-out-mode because you don’t enough projected income flowing, I believe you have only ONE problem . . . Insufficient Leads.

So . . . Quit with all of the self-doubt and limiting beliefs . . . Stop working on skills-based training . . . and get out there amongst your peeps and let them know you are in the business of selling houses (or whatever it is you are selling) and that they can rely on YOU as their SOLE source of real estate relate matters.

A FAT Pipeline lets you breathe a little easier – takes the pressure off – give you something on which you can fall back. If the deal goes weird and falls, drop back and shift focus to another.

This allows YOU to moderate the tempo of your own business flow rather than allowing other people to dictate.

The next tough question is: “How to fill this pipeline?”


Lead Generation comes in many forms (Direct mail, Email Marketing, SEO, buying leads, Door Knocking, Cold Calling, Open House sitting, Farming, etc etc etc), but my favorite is the least expensive and MOST FUN.

Simply begin with the ONE person in this whole wide world who knows you, trusts you, and loves you most and spend more time with that person being truthful about what you WANT and NEED in the way of new business and ask for their help by way of referrals . . . ALWAYS reciprocate by learning how you can best serve THEM.

Develop a DAILY regimen of spending this kind of “Quality Relationship Building Time” with a MINIMUM of 2 people EVERY day, and your pipeline will fatten up nicely 🙂

You deserve this . . . and it is COMPLETELY up to YOU to go get it!




Let me know how it goes!



Published by Barry Owen

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