What’s your time worth?

If you were to charge by the hour for your services, how much would you charge?

Let’s put this into perspective.

If your income goal is $75,000 Gross per year . . . and you work an average of 40 hours/week 48 weeks (A generous 4 weeks “off”) – that’s 1,920 Hours in a year  . . . divide 75,000 by 1,920 = $39/Hour.

So . . . Every hour you take away from your “Work Productivity” costs you $39.

Are you a DIY (Do it yourself) person?

When something around the house breaks, do you go to your computer and google ways to fix it, watch all of the youtube fix-it videos, make a run to your favorite big box hardware store (Home Depot) to buy a bunch of parts, and then commence to taking the broken thing apart?

An hour (or so) later, you realize that the parts you bought were the wrong ones – or just 1/2 inch too short, so you make another trip to the big box store.

4 hours later, you’ve finally got the thing “fixed” and put back together but are a little nervous because you have a few extra parts that you didn’t “need” while reassembling . . . and the moment of truth – flip the switch or turn on the faucet . . . and . . . nothing . . . all that effort and no gratification.

Next call?

A professional who will come out and undo what you did (broke) and fix the thing right and proper . . . and charge you $200.

So . . . In an effort to save the $200 service call, you ended up spending @ 6 hours @ $39/hr = $234 . . . Plus about 3 gallons of gas driving to and fro @ Home Depot @ 3.50/Gallon = $10.50 . . . Plus @ $29.75 for the wrong parts . . . $4.27 for the medical supplies (Bandaids and salves) to mend your flesh wounds . . . $15 for the 12 pack of beer you needed to “DeStress” . . . and $200 for the professional to get the job done RIGHT

$493.52 is the total cost of your DIY experiment.


Do what you do best and leave all that other stuff to the specialists and PAY THEM generously.

Before you know it, you’ll be a millionaire!


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