Whatcha gonna do with THAT feedback?

Everyone wants IMMEDIATE feedback ALL the time!

When calling companies, I am increasingly being asked by the automated phone tree attendant prior to being connected to a customer Service Representative ┬áif I would be willing to take a short survey at the conclusion of my call? I’ve always wondered if they ask this question on the front end so they know to connect the caller to the “appropriate” tier of CSR . . . If I decline the survey, they Que me up for the lowest tier.

When I shop at the grocery or TARGET or any number of other retail establishments, most print out a foot long receipt which has detailed information about taking a survey with the “carrot” of winning a randomly selected gift card for future purchases . . . and it’s EASY because all I’ve gotta do is surf to their website and register with my name and email address and telephone number and any other personal and confidential information I’d be willing to provide to their non-secure web beast.

I’ve adopted a stance of abstaining about furnishing ANY feedback at “point of sale” because I know that it’s largely irrelevant to the now and future level of service I should have reasonable expectations to receive.

This is not an “investment” of time . . . It’s a WASTE of time, because I don’t have faith that it will result any lasting significant change.

In the real estate sales industry, we take feedback seriously, and I DO believe that any time I spend providing constructive feedback from a showing to a listing agent IS an “investment” in the health and well-being of our market . . . because I know that my feedback along with feedback from other showing agents) will likely provide that Listing agent with the leverage she needs to convince the Seller to do the right things to get their house SOLD in good time at top dollar.

Showing REALTORS can be (and should be) very candid:

  • Buyer loved the layout but couldn’t get past the wall-paper
  • While there was no sign of pets, the house smells of cat/dog
  • The furniture is just TOO BIG and makes the house feel smaller than it is
  • The price feels high . . . I think it would sell much faster with $10,000 reduction
  • That busy street is a killer – A privacy fence or “Green Screen” of firs would be fabulous
  • The next door neighbor’s yard looks atrocious
  • Pastel colors are cool, but not a different one on every wall
  • The great room is large and bright, but we cannot figure out how to place furniture to make it a useful room
  • There were SO many pictures on the wall, we felt like we were in an ancestry museum and forgot to look at the house.

All of these can be addressed with employment of a great Home Stager prior to offering the house for sale, but some Sellers resist that notion. After all, their house is perfectly comfortable to THEM . . . why would we need to change it? Can’t the Buyers just look through these issues at the space and imagine their own belongings there?

The answer is: “NO!” and these Sellers often need to be told this by prospective Buyers and their agents before they will entertaining spending the time and money required to get it right.

The statistics are undeniable . . . A VERY high percentage of “Stale Listings” sell within weeks of being staged and priced properly.

We REALTORS understand that feedback IS the breakfast of champions when selling a house.

An aside . . . Giving and Receiving has the ancillary effect of creating great dialog among the REALTOR community . . . We are ALL appreciative of all constructive feedback from our collegaues because we ALL have one goal in common . . . a HEALTHY real estate market.

All boats rise with the tide.

So . . . I wonder how these other organizations could shift into a more productive feedback loop that creates a synergistic flow of communication that benefits all stakeholders . . .



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