What Tiguan, Nike, and Pareto Realty have in Common


I saw a Volkswagon Tiguan in traffic this morning and wondered what “Tiguan” meant, so I asked Daughter Jessica to Google it for me.

Here’s what she found “The name Tiguan, pronounced TEE-gwan, is a portmanteau of the German words Tiger (“tiger”) and Leguan (“iguana”)[5]

The tag line rounds out the meaning: “The people want to play, but they want to play nice.” I found on this blog post How the Tiguan Got Its Name

Volkswagon won a lot of awards for the naming of their Tiguan Crossover Vehicle and US News & World Report wrote a fun article about it.

What’s a Tiguan? The Story Behind Car Names


Named after the Greek goddess of victory —

In 1971, shoe salesperson Jeff Johnson . . .  dreamed of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, and suggested the name to his bosses.

Later that year, The Swoosh trademark was created by a graphic-design student from Portland State University named Carolyn Davidson. She got $35 for her creation.

Pareto Realty

Named after the Pareto Principle —  and the inspiration for the name struck during a dream.

Founder Barry Owen had been a “Student” of the Pareto Principal for over 20 years with a keen fascination of the truth of the principle.

In virtually ALL things, a disproportionately small number of people (The Vital Few) produce the lion’s share of the production while the remaining people (The Trivial Many) produce  – well – not much.

Same thing goes for personal productivity – a few things we do result in HUGE returns while MANY of the things we do . . . DON’T!

So . . . I’ve always wondered . . . What would it be like to build a company of Niche Specialists who are EACH “Vital Few” performers in their respective niches?

In such an environment of high performance, success would be a contagion.

NONE of these names (Tiguan, Nike, Pareto) in and of themselves communicate the PRODUCT or organization they represent.

ALL of them very poignantly and succinctly communicate the real essence of the benefits derived by their customers from their product or service.

and they all surfaced because of DREAMS.

So . . . It turns out the “BEST” names for cars, boats, and organizations are names with meaning.

I (and I think many people) notice and am drawn to businesses with intriguing names. I always ask: “Why “Pareto Realty” instead of “Barry Owen Realty?”

I know MY answer to that question . . . My real estate firm is not about Barry Owen . . . It’s about “The Vital Few” . . .

Just as Tiguan is not about a car . . . It’s about “The people want to play, but they want to play nice”. . . 

and Nike isn’t about athletic shoes . . . It’s about VICTORY

What Matters?

PS – Here at Pareto Realty, my focus as Principal Broker is 100% on identifying “Vital Few” Niche Oriented real Estate Sales Professionals Throughout Middle Tennessee and inviting them to join us . . . and “Coachable” Real Estate Professionals who are ready to develop their own niche in our market. We are SERIOUS about positioning our firm in the top 20% of our market . . . Connect with me when you’re ready to learn about how we are different . . . and to SOAR.

Home Buyers and Sellers . . .  Our team of “Vital Few” Professionals are poised and ready to serve 🙂

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