What every office needs is a MOJO Meter

What’s the MOJO factor in your office?

When a new customer or employee walks through the door for the first time, what’s their perception? This is a real palpable thing, although it’s not easy to measure.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were such a thing as a “MOJO Meter” with a big neon sign in the window that lights up “HOT MOJO” when the creativity and cooperation and team Spirit is peaking?

The effect of this would be the same as the “HOT” sign at Krispy Kreme . . . a siren call for folks to come through the door.

Of course, that meter does not exist, so we’ve gotta go “old school” with this idea and build a solid culture that oozes our particular flavor of MOJO in everything we do . . . It’s a juicy, smells good, feels good, environment that attracts the right people.

Some people might call this “Building the Brand” or gelling the tribe . . . I just call it authentic business.

How’s the MOJO in YOUR office?

If it ain’t all that, isn’t it time to do something about it?

Today’s Drive Time Facebook live video is so appropriate now 🙂

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