Unanticipated consequences – Is this house a money pit or am I just unlucky?

Owning a home requires consistent maintenance.

This is not to say that all home owners must be savvy at fixing things (unless they choose to be), but every home owner needs to have a good resource for reliable “specialists” in a variety of fields of expertise – Plumbers, Electricians, Handyfolk, Heating and Cooling Pros, Landscapers, engineers, contractors . . . etc.

Herein lies yet ANOTHER perk of hiring a REALTOR to guide you through the process of buying a house. Beyond your REATOR’s expertise with helping you through the search, the financing, and completing the transaction, your REALTOR can be your BEST resource for virtually ALL things that may go awry through your years of home-ownership.

When something’s wrong . . . If it’s not a 911 (Fire or personal Injury), call your REALTOR first and ask her who she knows who can help you with the issue. Odds are decent she’s seen or heard of virtually ANY problem you might encounter. If you stump her, she’ll know how to find out who’s the right person to help you.

If you think it’s a potential insurance claim, do that next.

Not to alarm you, but you might be wondering: What could go wrong?

After all, during the process of buying the house, you did have a professional home inspector do a thorough inspection, so you already know what’s wrong with the house as of today, BUT . . .

In the course of a year, the weather alone can create emergent needs for myriad tradesfolk.

A heavy period of rain may reveal roof issues or “water intrusion” in crawl spaces or basements.

Sometimes, said rain can bring hail and/or high winds (sheer or tornadic) which may damage the roof or topple trees onto the house.

Drop the temperature 40 degrees, and now instead of rain, it’s ICE which can bring a whole new slew of unanticipated things like “Ice Dams” in the gutters (causing water leaks inside the walls and through the ceilings) . . . Ice clad limbs and trees and electrical wires falling from the excessive weight of the ice . . . frozen pipes, and a variety of issues relating to water freezing and expanding in concrete crevices.

Birds might have discovered that with just a little pecking at the wood or dryvit (Synthetic stucco), they can open a hole big enough for them to enter and escape the harsh outside weather.

Occasionally, a raccon or neighborhood cat might figure a way into the crawl space – Mice may find their way inside, and deer might eat your pretty new Spring Flowers.

then there are the more “Regular” unanticipated things like the Heat and air conditioner that just decides to quit . . . The toilet that mysteriously begins over-flowing at every flush . . . the lights start flickering randomly . . . and that enigmatic small puddle that keeps showing up in the middle of the kitchen floor.

While all of this sounds like a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be. Rely on the experts to handle the details, and maintain a “secret” Home Maintenance bank account with at least 1 house payment in reserve to defray these unanticipated expenses.

BTW . . . ALL of the examples referenced above are things my clients have called me about in the past couple weeks.

Guess what?

We’ve got’m all handled 🙂

When you hire a REALTOR, there’s great potential for a lifetime of benefit from that single transaction . . . Take advantage of it.

and don’t forget . . . when you hear of Friends, family, and work associates (or diners at the table next to you) talking about thinking about making a move, REFER them to YOUR REALTOR.

If you don’t have a REALTOR – Wherever you are – connect with me, and I’ll help you find the right Professional.

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