Thursday Edition of Monday Morning Coffee

Well . . . I don’t have a great excuse for failing to publish your Monday Morning Coffee on – well – Monday morning!

Perhaps we can blame it on the great “Nashville Snowmageddon” that hit us last Friday.

THAT was fun, wasn’t it?

How did you fare being snowed in for 2 or 3 days?

Most folks love the first day . . . some like the 2nd day . . . few are wild about the 3rd day.

Cabin fever sets in.

We’re simply not wired not to be BUSY!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post that issued a challenge “I DARE you to try this!” (Click the link to read it)

For the next seven days, I dare you upon waking to leave your cell phone turned OFF for the first 2 hours of each and EVERY day.

I got some push-back from several people who had good reasons to leave their phones ON – Mostly because their cell phone is their only phone . . .

I don’t know who in the world accepted the challenge and started doing it other than I.

Guess what?

I’m doing it every day, and it’s REALLY making a BIG difference in my productivity.

Each morning, I note the time I wake up (Usually 5 AM during the week and @ 6 on the weekend), and I mark the end time of the 2 hours.

I brew a pot of coffee and grab a book and read for @ an hour . . . then I wake up whoever in the house needs to wake up for school or work, and I head out the door to walk the dogs.

Breakfast Upon returning from the walk followed by the morning commute.

Usually @ 8, I get my first peek at email and facebook.

It is SO refreshing to start each day without the clutter (mental noise) of diving first into social media and the probable array of work related “issues and opportunities” which tend to accumulate in the email-box while I sleep.

I am finding that when I open each day this way, my brain has far more clarity – Sharper and better prepared for whatever comes at me.

It’s as if I’ve intentionally “warmed up” my brain in these first 2 hours of reading and introspection such that I don’t “strain my brain” with sudden stressful activity.

Here’s the best part . . . Once the brain is warmed up and ready for whatever happens, ranking the priorities of the day becomes much easier.

After all, isn’t your goal to make the most of every day with the least amount of tedium?

Maybe you’d be interested in adopting a few other new habits?

Work Less and Earn More with The Law of the Vital Few

This can be so with a proper start to each day.

Try it!

I think you’ll like it.

Psssst . . . You can leave your phone on, but don’t touch it unless it rings (no web surfing allowed)

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