There’s no Accounting for Crazy People

Sometimes, it can be difficult to avoid other people’s drama.

As much as we try to insulate ourselves, we’ll get sucked in.

This is a complicated and inescapable web that has many ways to ensnare us.

Even the best of us will occasionally slip into this toxic vortex and allow it to (momentarily) consume our very being.

The spinners of these drama webs of entrapment might:

  • insult us
  • Suddenly turn into the devil personified
  • Falsely Accuse us of  wrongdoings
  • Cast blame on us for all of their issues
  • Spread false rumors about us
  • Build an alliance of other people against us
  • Badger us incessantly
  • Seemingly go out of their way to be unpleasant

The important thing for us to do is to stay on the high road.

Respond not react.

There’s no accounting for crazy people.

These people are “Crazy Makers” who attack and become more vicious when their victim fights back.

Stay calm, cool, and collected.

KNOW that this tirade is NOT about YOU!

Know also that odds are good this isn’t the first time this person has behaved in this manner, and most everyone who knows this person knows about this Crazy Making tendency, and therefore gives very little credibility to the rants and accusations about you.

These crazy makers cannot damage your reputation UNLESS you fall into their trap hook, line, and sinker and reduce yourself to their level.

Everyone has a story, and none of us know ALL of another person’s story.

When someone suddenly goes whacko on ya, there’s usually something else going on in that person’s life . . . and you happen to be that lucky soul who was standing there in the “field of fire” when pot reached a boil.

Learn from what happened . . . and emerge a better person.

Do some real personal reflection to consider how something you said or did may have contributed . . . and take responsibility for THAT . . . nothing else.

Don’t worry about your reputation. Most people will respect you for the way you handled the unprovoked beating and will walk away shaking their heads.

and one final thought . . . be flattered that this person thought enough of you to allow YOU see them at their worst.

Your calming demeanor and generous Spirit will have done nothing but improve the state of affairs.

and then there’s the other possibility . . .

That person might just be certifiably CRAZY!

PS: This message comes on the heels of seeing a few of my Facebook Friends hurting because of recent attacks and/or false accusations.

ESPECIALLY in the Facebook world (which is NOT real life), maintain your composure and don’t let’m suck you into their drama.

Life’s too short, and you’re too cool to engage at that level of idiocy.


Published by Barry Owen

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