The yet to be read shelf groweth

Having been a card carrying prolific reader of books for many decades, I’ve decided to impose a moratorium on reading for “a while.”

How long is “a while”?

Well . . . I’m currently overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new knowledge that rushes into my field of perception. “They” say that upon which you focus expands, and “they” weren’t kidding.

Since I committed a month ago to write my first book, my reticular activator spooled up quickly. I’m finding myself making great connections with lots of other authors who vary from just starting to write to a few folks who have published several books.

Isn’t this wonderful? Here are all of these people showing up out of the thin blue air with amazing generosity to render useful advice. With much gratitude, I have connected with a handful of folks who have agreed to “meet” with me on ZOOM calls once a month for accountability and coaching.

While all of this is fine and dandy, there’s a down side . . . what I am learning is that there is such a thing as “too much” information – “too many” ideas resulting in distraction from the primary mission to write a book.

The “problem” is that every person I encounter has “a recommendation for a MUST READ book that will TOTALLY get me on the right path” to publishing my book expeditiously. I dutifully make note of the title and order a copy from Amazon immediately. When the book arrives, I open the package and think to myself: “When will I find the time to read this?”

After all, I’m operating a very busy real estate firm, coaching agents, and trouble-shooting transaction issues . . . AND writing a book. There’s not enough space in head to do all of that AND read all of these recommended books.

In my exuberance around this new project, I’ve potentially relegated the writing my book to the reading of other people’s books.

So . . . I now have 2 shelves of “Books to be read” (1 @ Office & 1 @ home)

I can now (guilt free) add books to those shelves knowing that each one will patiently wait for the time when I am ready to read.

Back to writing with my new-found, less cluttered brain.

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