The Single Most Important Component Necessary for a Successful Home Purchase or Sale might surprise you!

It’s THIS simple!

Without this, there’s nothing a REALTOR can do to to help you navigate the process of buying or selling a house through to a smooth closing.

First and foremost, you must make the all important decision to move.

For transparent clarity, here’s what Webster has to say:



de·​ci·​sion | \di-ˈsi-zhən  \

Definition of decision 

1the act or process of deciding

“The moment of decision has come!”

2a determination arrived at after consideration CONCLUSION

“I/We have made the decision to move!”

3promptness and firmness in deciding DETERMINATION

“I/We am/are acting with decision!”

I know this may seem to a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious), but it’s often overlooked thereby resulting in colossal expenditure of time, energy, and money by all involved – yourself, REALTORS, Lenders as well as the other 40 or so other people involved in every real estate transaction.

Without this “Decision to move” piece, the whole thing is not much more than demonstration of the essence of “exercise in futility.”

Only when there is full commitment to the process with a clear end in mind will this bird lift off the ground.

This commitment provides the fuel to enter the process with full throttle.

Motivation is high, the bridges behind you are burned, and there’s no turning back.

Excitement builds as the possibilities come into focus and anticipation thrives.

With anything less than a unilateral decision to move, odds are decent that the process will be grueling . . . Likely due to your latent desire to sabotage.

If/When a closing does happen . . . it’ll be bittersweet at best.

So . . . If you’re contemplating a move, here’s my prescription.

Find a great REALTOR – Someone who you already know, like, and trust . . . or a referral from one of your family, Friends, or Work Associates who know, like, and trust.

Call that REALTOR for an “Initial consultation” to determine:

a) That you you do, indeed, know, like and trust him/her

b) That you are DECIDED to do this.

c) Formally agree to work exclusively with this REALTOR by signing an Exclusive Representation Agreement

And then allow your REALTOR to lead your through the process.

Easy-Peasey, Eh?

PS – If you happen to in Middle TN, any one of our Vital Few Pareto Realty Real Estate Professionals are poised and ready to pamper you with our flavor of exclusive, discreet representation.

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