The Simplicity of being Exceptional

It’s time for a “Visioning Exercise!”

Clear your brain of whatever chaos is happening in there and think about a time when you felt you were exceptionally served.

Perhaps a server in a restaurant made your dining experience pleasant . . .

your auto-mechanic not only fixed your car but also washed it . . .

The Baker gave you an extra Muffin . . .

How’d it make you feel?

As you left, what were you thinking?

When I receive exceptional service, my brain immediately shifts gears into “referral mode.”

My Reticular Activating System shifts into high gear, and I find myself actively interested in sending more business to this person, so they, too, can enjoy this stellar experience.

How can YOU deliver exceptional service?

Is this difficult?

I think not.

Simply deliver your promises on time and be peripherally attentive.

“Peripherally Attentive” means that you always maintain a wide field of vision such that you can pick up on subtle, unspoken needs of your clients.

Many folks don’t know what we can do for them and don’t know the right questions to ask.

I met with a “Branding Specialist” to talk about creating some custom signs for our new office location.

In my mind, she would do the artwork and then I would have to find the sign maker, work with the owner of the property for approval, and then walk it through the codes/Zoning process myself.

She assured me that all I would need to do is approve the design . . . Her team could handle the rest.



Now that you’ve read this far, you’ve got homework to do.

In every encounter with every client, pledge to surprise them with something exceptional.


Next thing ya know, you’ll have a steady of referrals coming your way.

I promise!

Published by Barry Owen

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