The Shelf Life of “Pathological Hypocrisy”

Pathological liars are those people who both knowingly and intentionally or willfully make false statements. Normal lies are defensive and are told to avoid the consequences of truth telling. … It is when an individual consistently lies for no personal gain.

hypocrites are those people who pretendto have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc, that they do not actually possess, especially those whose actions belie stated beliefs. A person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

Pathological Hypocrites are that bunch of beautiful people commonly labeled as “Narcissists”. THESE are the people who are above all the rest of us. They’re ALWAYS right (even when they aren’t), and they are masters at sculpting interesting conclusions from other’s words . . . conclusions that support their position ONLY and ALWAYS . . . It’s always: “My way or hit the highway!!!!”

Anyone who dares to differ in opinion will be beheaded immediately.

(I am NOT a psychiatrist, and this is not based on a clinical study – These are my observations)

Bless their hearts! They appear not to have any clue that their over-bearing bullying is less than useful. The “shelf life” of their relationships with other people tends to be tumultuous and brief. Their initial charming poise and confidence is attractive . . . until that point at which their “subjects” realize the truth and execute a rapid exit strategy.

Some folks might defend their behavior with: “They know not the harm they are doing because it’s baked into their mental make-up – it’s a psychological disorder and they cannot help themselves.”

Now that I’ve described my observations of these people, I wonder who you know who fits in this shoe?

To some degree, I believe we ALL have the potential to exhibit some of these behaviors beginning with “Little White Lies” like:

“Yes! I am sticking to my new diet.” (As you deposit a spoon full of ice cream in your mouth)

“I’ve been working out EVERY DAY!” (When the truth is 2 1/2 days this week)

“I lead-generate 2 hours EVERY day! (It’s actually 30 minutes of calls and 1 1/2 hours of doodling)

As innocent as these little untruths sound, each one is damaging because each one sets new precedent. Do it once, and it’s much easier to do it again. Next thing ya know, it’s full-fledged HABIT.

Circling back to the top of this post: “It is when an individual consistently lies for no personal gain.”


Take inventory of your truths and untruths and adjust accordingly.

You’ll quickly learn that all that lying was dragging you down and the truth will lift you up.

The most difficult part of this will be the fact that the people around you will have NOTICED your misbehavior, and you’re gonna have to work REALLY hard to regain their trust in your word.

Not to mention the trust you must build within yourself.

Tell the truth!

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