The Power of Primal Instinct

This love story begins with Apollo!
apolloWe brought Apollo into our lives Christmas of 2009.

His temperament and love of all people is legendary.

We’ve said that if he were any more mellow, POOF – He’d just fade away.

We didn’t even know Apollo could bark until we had had him for 3 weeks . . . 1 WOOF at the mailman.

Luckily, when we bought Apollo, his breeder had not neutered him, and we have always aspired to find the perfect mate for him.

For 7 years, we searched and searched for a “capable” female Golden Doodle to no avail . . . UNTIL . . . Daughter Jessica found Elsa on-line.

This is Elsa:
2016-07-20 12.55.28Elsa’s Breeder had decided to focus on small Doodles instead of “Standard” so he agreed to sell her to us with full breeding rights.

We brought Elsa home about 6 months ago with some trepidation because had no clue whatsoever how we would be able to “manage” this whole thing . . . How would we know when Elsa is in heat? Would the dogs just do their thing, or would we have to encourage them . . . or what?

ApolloElsaWell . . . Elsa and Apollo did, indeed, fall in love.

Those 2 do everything together.

10 weeks ago, Elsa went into heat (there’s no mistaking that), and Apollo stepped up admirably for about 4 days of debauchery to the embarrassment of all of us. We learned a LOT about primal instinct during those days.

Certain that Elsa was pregnant, we thought we should be prepared for whatever would come next. What should we do to prepare for the deliver?

Most google searches yielded the same information which boiled down to the fact that we would not have to do ANYTHING other than identify a place for Elsa to keep her puppies when they come.

Yes – Elsa’s primal instinct would kick in @ 63 days after conception . . . She would take care of all of the details – Deliver the babies – Clean up whatever mess resulted – remove all of the afterbirth – Clean the puppies – and that the puppies would be born with the instinct to find and latch onto their food source (teet) as soon as they are cleaned.

Guess what?

Elsa delivered 10 puppies beginning with the first one coming @ 12:30 (as I was having lunch) . . . and the last pup showed up @ 8:30. Not only did Elsa deliver and clean all of these pups, but she also very efficiently “managed” them and the whole process with virtually ZERO need for any human involvement other than defining the space and providing bedding (towels).

20170329_161652This is Elsa with her 10 pups.

She performed admirably with no training whatsoever.

So . . . This whole experience was mind-bending for me.

For many generations, we humans have been very focused on “unlearning” our primal instincts.

We think of ourselves as being the superior “beasts” on the planet.

I wonder if our instincts of survival and doing for ourselves would surface if the grid were to crash for a long period of time?

My bet is that they wouldn’t for most people . . . because we ARE so mighty.

So . . . for years, I’ve been intrigued by the power of going through life thinking of one LESS thing to do while getting the same or better results in everything I do . . .

I believe Elsa has taught me about this . . . We crave relearning of our unlearned primal instincts.

Has my rationale gone rogue?

OK! I’m heading back to play with some pups 🙂

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