The Power of Coming out from Behind the Service counter

Doesn’t it feel great to be served well?

I think I’m accurate saying that all people appreciate when they feel “cared for”!

In truth, we crave this.

We thrive on human to human interaction.

Seth Godin offers a great example in his blog post this morning.

The $50,000 an hour gate agent

I had an awesome experience having breakfast at First Watch (Green Hills) yesterday. The Server was personable and definitely cared. The food had obviously been prepared with care. I noticed other servers caring for each other. Clearly, serving the diners was a team effort.

Counters are barriers that often create “bunkers” for the Servers/Sales Representatives.

How can we perpetuate fewer bunkers and more care in our work?

Let’s all resolve to hide less and engage more.

We hide in so many ways – Text messaging – emailing – cell phone – Video conferencing.

Shows others you care by going out of your way to step out from whatever counter (barrier) you’ve concocted to shield yourself from having to care (as much).

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