The sudden BUMP on the right side of my car was startling . . .

I was minding my own business driving down Music Square East.

The day was a BEAUTIFUL, sunny day!

I was fully alert (Stopped texting while driving several months ago).

I was driving EXACTLY the speed limit, and traffic was light.

2015-01-29 11.56.54My instant thought was one of confusion . . . What was that bump?

Did I hit something?

I glanced quickly at the right mirror and saw a Black Ford Explorer kissing the right side of my car with its Left Headlight.

Of course, I was in a hurry to get to an appointment on time, and I dreaded the thought of the possibility of having to wait for Police to show up to make a report . . .

and, what if that driver is uninsured?

then the thought of how inconvenient it will be to have to take the car to a body shop and deal with all of the insurance garbage.

We pulled our cars to a side street and I learned that the driver had pulled off the curb from a parallel park, crossed the bicycle lane, and tagged me . . .

Apparently, I was “in her blind spot” doing 35 MPH.

She admitted to fault, and we both called our insurance companies who told us to exchange information and that as long as there were no personal injuries, we would not need a police report. I made it to my appointment on time.

My insurance company USAA was on the ball and immediately set an appointment with Service King Downtown Nashville for an estimate – I made an appointment and brought the car in.


Service King was ON THE BALL.

They greeted me immediately by calling me “Captain Owen” and thanking me for Serving. (A respect I seldom encounter)

They pulled up the insurance claim and I was done in about 20 minutes. They said I could bring the car in the following Monday which I didn’t do because . . .

For whatever reason, the offending driver decided to be completely unresponsive to both my insurance and hers . . . so I waited until I knew the claim would be covered before taking it to be repaired.

When I got the green light from USAA, I took the car back to Service King without an appointment thinking I could just leave it . . .

They were extremely busy due to the recent ice storm, so I offered to come back another day to which they surprised me by stopping me and telling me that they really want to take care of “Our Military” so they went ahead and took the car in.

This is when they made LOTS of promises to me. They promised to call me every Mon Wed & Fri to update me on the status – They told me an absolute date the car would be ready – They gave me contact information for a specific person (Joe) on the team would be my sole point of contact from start to finish.

Guess what?

They OVERdelivered!

Joe called me as promised!

The car was complete 2 weeks earlier than expected and was finished beautifully.

I SO appreciate great customer service when I experience it, and Service King gets 2 Thumbs UP from this happy Captain.

Follow-up thought . . . I’m betting the service they gave me is the same service they give EVERY one of their customers, yet they made me feel special . . . Like I was their STAR customer.

This is a magical thing for any Business to be able to accomplish.

So . . . How many of YOUR customers/Clients come away from their experience of your service feeling this way?

A new goal for you in your business:

Make every customer feel special!

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