The automatic drip works best with coffee

The automatic coffee machine ranks right up there with sliced bread as a revolutionary concept.

After all, it’s automatic and thereby saves us the hassle of getting out of bed to brew our morning coffee. Instead we wake up to the smell of our morning nector.

The automatic drip is also a revolutionary idea when it comes to marketing when done right.

Done wrong, it can back-fire and repel customers.

I believe that, without permission from the recipient, launching an automatic drip campaign at that person has a relatively high likelihood of having no more value than SPAM.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

For the marketer, the beauty/magic is that she can effortlessly deliver her carefully designed series of messages engineered to program the “target” to come to his senses and agree that doing business with her is EXACTLY what he should do. She can deliver these message with precision – at the most strategic time and day every week (or day) . . . FOREVER (or until the target dies or buys).

Yes! This method can and will work for some prospects, but what’s the cost?

How many prospects feel like you’re a HAMMER, and they’re the nail, so they run for cover or DELETE or UNSUBSCRIBE . . . and then tell all of their friends how obnoxious THAT sales person was after they had simply called for a bit of information?

By all means, create a Drip Program and use it judiciously, and you very well may “convert” more prospects than ever.

Increase your odds of success by targeting only those prospects who “OPT IN” instead of directing your marketing onslaught at them simply because you “captured” their contact information and relegating them to the masses and forcing them to “OPT OUT” if they don’t want your SPAM.

It’s not SPAM if you ask permission first.

So . . . “Thank you for calling for information about my awesome little cottage for sale at 123 Main street. I’ve got this great email campaign that delivers weekly messages about the Real Estate process and timely Market Information. Would you like to receive it?”

Then turn on that automatic drip!


Fresh coffee . . . and more lead conversions.



Published by Barry Owen

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