Take your medicine!

Thor didn’t want to take his medicine this morning!

All of the other dogs LOVE the Bravecto Chews they all get every 3 months, but not Thor! Bravecto is an awesome Tick and Flea medicine that makes the dogs toxic to those pests . . . A necessity if you’re gonne be a cannine in #OwenHollow because without, the dog becomes mass transaportation from outdoors to indoors for these critters.

I haven’t tasted the chew – Looks like chocolate. This morning, I diced it and mixed it with bacon fat microwaved for 15 seconds to liquify it, and . . . Thor STILL didn’t want to eat it.

I think Thor is smarter than all the other dogs – He knows that strange chew is MEDICINE, so he doesn’t want it. I don’t think he doesn’t like the taste . . . He’s being obstinate – Just doesn’t want to take his medicine even as I try to convince him that THIS is GOOD for him.

Many of us humans are just like Thor. We don’t like to take our medicine even though we know that swallowing that medicine will keep up healthy and protect us from harm.

Some of the “Medicine” we avoid:

  • Being willing to be held accountable on a regular (Weekly) basis
  • Taking care of our Self (Eating right – Exercise – Meditate – Pray – Count blessings – Gratitude)
  • Showing up for “scheduled Maintenance” (Annual Physical, Eye, Dental exams)
  • Scheduling BREAKS – Days off – Vacations
  • Claiming “enough” self-time
  • Knowing the 20% Vital Few things in our lives and attending to them first every day
  • Doing the lead generation necessary to create the business that will fund our desired Lifestyle

I’m certain I’ve missed some things . . . you can add your own _________________________

Quit being so obstinate and take your medicine!

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