Start your engines . . .

Spring has sprung . . . There’s no denying it.

In the world of real estate sales, Spring comes with great anticipation of a surge of activity.

Ah yes!

Many home owners decided to sell their house months ago but chose not to list until Spring because the conventional wisdom is that Spring is the best time to sell a house.

Does Hope Spring Eternal?

Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never is, but always to be blessed:
The soul, uneasy and confined from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

There are 2 sides to every coin, and the flip side of this one has mostly to do with convenience and competition.

With more Home sellers entering the market, there’s more competition for the Home Buyers’ attention.

This may not be much of a problem in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee real estate market because there’s a marked over-supply of Buyers and under-supply of available houses.

Many folks are feeling real urgency because of genuine fear around uncertainty about the future. Every day, I hear many of the same questions:

  • Will prices continue to rise?
  • Is this a bubble, and will it pop in the near future?
  • If I sell my house, what if I can’t find the right house to buy?
  • Will interest rates stay low? (They’ve been creeping higher)
  • What if I sell my house for more than asking price, and it doesn’t appraise?

Most every one of us “Experts” tend to avoid eye contact when answering these questions because . . . drum roll . . . no one really knows!

We can speculate based on “Historical Analysis” . . .

We can attempt to comfort by “speaking in real estate tongues” about the strength of the market and the economy and the growth of the city and indicators based on the behavior of the developers and builders and the volume of car sales and the number of people dining out and shopping in the malls . . .

I’m not certain that does anyone justice.

Why not answer with the hard truth of unknowing?

One thing I CAN say with certainty . . .  While my crystal ball is very cloudy 6 months out and beyond, I (and most REALTORS in the market) have a CLEAR understanding of today’s market and can confidently say:

“If the time is right for YOU to make a move, NOW is a FANTASTIC time to do it.”

Every day, we are succeeding in navigating the process of selling a house and buying another. Whether it be up-sizing or down-sizing, we are finding success.

Certainly, there are some very tricky nuances in the Home Sale Transaction these days, but we Real Estate Sales Professionals are equipped to tackle and overcome virtually any obstacle we encounter.

I and our awesome team of “Vital Few” REALTORS at Pareto Realty, stay in tune and engaged with our market and work closely with our Local, State, and National Associations to be sure we deliver a smooth home buying and/or selling process even as the world sometimes seems to conspire against us.

In our world, Hope DOES Spring Eternal!

I hope you’ll connect with us when you’re in the mood for a move!


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