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This morning, I witnessed an amazing “EO Panel” facilitated by Joe Calloway at the Oh-So-Cool Bytes of Knowledge “House” in Nashville’s trendy Germantown.

This was a veritable treasure chest of knowledge . . . 5 of Nashville’s greatest Entrepreneurial minds selflessly sharing their passions . . . and their respective “Secret Formulas” for success.

The more I listened, the more I realized that none of what they were saying was all that spectacular. Most of the things they say are the things that we ALL KNOW we should be doing in our daily businesses and lives.

What differentiates these “geniuses” from others boils down to some fundamental practices of prioritization, implementation, FOCUS, clarity of purpose, consistency and persistence over time.

None of these great local entrepreneurial icons were overnight successes.

I had some take-aways which I wrote on the back of a single business card 🙂

“Repurpose” – When a person or process isn’t performing as your organization would like, don’t be too quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater (Fire the person or abandon the process) . . . Instead, consider repurposing that resource. How could you use it differently to serve the needs of the organization better?

“Made Today” – Have a commitment to serve customers with nothing but the FRESHest product . . . ALWAYS!

“Give Others the BEST day of their lives” – Sounds a tad more powerful than the slightly more cliche “We want to exceed customer expectations”

“Quality – Accuracy – Timeliness” – with no room for compromise

“Top 5” Begin each day with your own list of the top 5 things that you MUST do that day to accomplish the end mission/goal.

“Stop Being so Accessible” Find ways to leverage your communication so you’re not always tied down to the computer (email, facebook) and smartphone . . . The practice of responding immediately to ALL incoming communications denies you the time and space to FOCUS on the things that matter most.

Ask yourself (or get in a group and ask each other) these 3 questions:

  • “What should I START doing now?”
  • “What should I STOP doing now?”
  • “What am I doing now that I need to continue doing?”

If that doesn’t give you some clarity about repurposing your own action and use of the available resources, go ahead and throw the baby out 🙂

“DON’T AVOID SUCCESS” – Stop allowing yourself to be distracted from your real purpose . . . Quit chasing “Great New Ideas” and commit yourself to the 3 or 4 main things.

“Things that go wrong are seldom our fault but ALWAYS our problem.” Adopt the mindset that there’s no such thing as “That’s not in my job description” . . . because if it’s in your field of vision while serving your customers, it IS your job!

“Be a cause for celebration” – If the people you serve feel loved and celebrated after you have served them . . . you have SUCCEEDED!

None of this has ANYTHING to do with scripts and dialogues and manualization and EVERYTHING to do with PEOPLE . . . and LOVE!

THAT’s how we do business RIGHT!


In service . . .


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