So you want the perfect house?

Here we are in the swirl of a strong Seller’s market . . .

and YOU want a great deal on the PERFECT house?

The hard reality is that your choices are vastly different in this market than the market in which you last purchased a house.

The Selection of available houses in your price range is likely slim, SO you’re going to have to have:

  • LOTS of patience
  • Willingness to compromise on some of your “Requirements”
  • Readiness to purchase
    • Complete loan approval in-hand
    • Funds readily available for downpayment & Closing costs
    • A strategy for an interim move if necessary
    • Your current house SOLD or
    • If renting, a solid exit plan from your lease
  • Representation of A VERY dialed in REALTOR who KNOWS the area in which you wish to buy and has GOOD relationships with other local REALTORS.
  • Willingness to participate in the search:
    • Attend Sunday Open Houses (Give the Hosts your REALTOR’s Biz card
    • Tune in to VIABLE internet sites that will likely have most of the available listings (, Your agent’s website, or the local multiple listing serve (MLS) public site) – NOT Zillow, Trulia, etc (connect with me to learn more about this)
    • Drive the streets of the neighborhoods and call your REALTOR with the street address of ANY houses you see that aren’t showing up on the MLS (For sale by owner, or REALTORS posting “Coming Soon” Listings)

Any way we slice it in this real estate market (or in ANY market), finding that PERFECT house isn’t a matter of LUCK.

Getting what you want requires a sound STRATEGY and adequate PREPARATION.

Your REALTOR will drive the process and develop the strategy . . . and will align you with the right people (Lenders, Contractors, Inspectors, Etc) to help with the preparation, and YOU are going to have to commit to doing your part as suggeted above.

Done right, this process can and should be FUN.

In my view, the pleasantness of your Home Buying experience relies heavily on your relationship with a Real Estate Sales Professional who will guide you every step of the way.

We Vital Few REALTORS @ Pareto Realty  are quintessentially poised and ready to shepherd you through the process to a successful closing on that perfect, new house anywhere in Middle Tennessee.

PS – If you’re not in middle TN and would like us to find a great agent for you in your area, connect with us.

Published by Barry Owen

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