“She was a rich Broker”


“She was a rich Broker” are the words of the Kidnapper of Beverly Carter when a reporter asked him why he picked her?

How that translates to what transpired is yet to be known.

Sadly, Beverly’s body was found early this morning in a shallow grave.

This is an unconscionable tragedy.

The only real protection we all have against falling victim to such atrocities is our own vigilance and awareness.

Become a “Noticer”

Never lose focus of surroundings.

Don’t let busyness trick you into unsafe circumstances.

Every one of us REALTORS can recount times when we have put ourselves in harm’s way and have survived.

Most of us have been lucky.

Beverly was targeted by a very sick man (perhaps 2) because of her publicly visible success as a high performing Real Estate Sales Professional.

In the past few days, I have heard innumerable REALTORS speak of times when they felt uncomfortable . . . and their gut feelings saved them . . . or was it just luck?

Each one of those professionals told the story and then professed to be more careful in the future.

Sometimes, I think that the smartphone is one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment we own because it distracts us. As we check our email, facebook, text, talk etc we lose awareness of our peripheral surroundings and fail to notice danger approaching from the edges.

My heart hurts to think of the devastation being felt now by the family and friends of Beverly Carter, and I think of my own wife and children, friends, and work associates all of whom likely put themselves in precarious situations without thinking.

Our ONLY best defense is our AWARENESS and attention to the details of our surroundings – ALWAYS.

Listen to your gut! If it’s telling you something isn’t “right,” get out of there . . . or bring a friend along or . . . call someone and keep them on the line until you reach safety.

Most bad people don’t like to be seen . . . Our awareness is the best deterrent of crime.

I wrote a blog post yesterday in which I included a couple of links to safety tips for REALTORS and Home Sellers.

 Find Beverly Carter

I BEG you to take note and implement your own deliberate actions to keep yourself SAFE as you pursue you passion for your career.

and . . .do not slip into complacency over time . . .


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