Price per Square Foot is SO Lame

Determining a house’s value is more Art than Science.

In uniform, stable, and Healthy markets in which the houses are “cookie cutter” and plentiful, valuation leans towards the science end of the spectrum until some upstart artistic dude shows up and fails to stay between the lines.

Why not stretch the field when the inventory dwindles?

Do the number of little Square footies matter if the house meets the needs of a Buyer who believes the house is worth the price?

In some real estate markets, REALTORS don’t quote square footage and only speak in terms of number of bedrooms and baths and other amenities or features.

My view is that price per square foot DOES have a measure of validity in terms of determining the “BallPark” for pricing. It helps us find the “Median” value for the neighborhood.

Perhaps this median P/SF is $95 . . . The low might be in the low $70 range, and the high could be in the $125 range . . . that’s a wild deviation.

So Mr and Mrs Seller, what does all of this mean to YOU?

Simply . . . the MOST relevant “data” to the Buyer prospects for your house has NOTHING to do with Historical Sales data and Price per square foot and EVERYTHING to do with the condition and showability of your house.

So . . . Whatever you’ve gotta do to present a CLEAN, well maintained, and creatively superior “complete package” of a house, is where your focus must be when considering selling said house.

Do this right, and you’ll have a VERY pleasant and rewarding House selling experience.

I and our team of Vital Few REALTORS at Pareto Realty¬†are quintessentially poised and ready to work with home Sellers throughout Middle Tennessee to realize TOP VALUE sales in the market . . . as long as you’re willing to do your part by agreeing to do whatever it takes to present a near-perfect specimen.

Let’s do this!

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