Outsmarting Murphy

As I was walking out of the office to fetch something from the car this morning, I had a frightening thought.

The second I heard the office door latch behind me, I remembered that my keys were on my desk. I had departed from the usual routine because I’ve started doing 30 minutes of light exercise (calisthenics) to wake my body up each morning, and I had removed my keys from my pocket.

The frightening thought was: “What if when I return, the electronic lock fails to open?”

I know this may sound a bit OCD, but the truth is that the electronic lock DID malfunction last week (batteries), and I had my keys with me, so it wasn’t a problem. TODAY; though, the back up keys were on the other side of the door. I fetched that which I needed from the car, and the electronic WORKED.

To what degree do you implement counter-measures to protect yourself from Murphy’s shenanigans?

Or do you not think of this stuff at all and are mystified as to why I would even think these thoughts?

I think the Army did this to me . . . ALWAYS be prepared for Murphy!

Replicate systems!

Have a “Plan B” for EVERYTHING!

Know who to call!

Learn some “Survival skills”, so you can fix simpler things (Change a tire, reboot a computer, & etc)

Have the right tools on-hand WHEREVER you might need them.

Some examples:

Remember in grade school? Always have 2 (or 3) Sharpened pencils for the test (and a back-up calculator)

In your car – Jumper cables – A jack that you know how to use – An electric tire air pump – Tool kit

In the house – Flashlights and candles strategically placed – Storm shelter always prepared and uncluttered – Smoke/Fire/CO detectors – Tool kit

In the office – Back-up computer(s) – Paper for the printer – Tool kit

Back up keys in a locked/hidden place.

I think you got the picture, eh?

The Mission : Thwart Murphy!

Published by Barry Owen

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