OOPS! Take 2

Even the top professionals occasionally goof while performing.

It would be unfair for us to expect perfection always, yet many of us do.

We (the critical audience) watch every movement and sound and pitch, and we analyze.

Did she do that on purpose, or was it a goof?

The best performers never miss a beat and carry on gracefully.

Some feel the need to play the blame game to preserve their ego.

How many NASCAR fans watch the races because of the possibility/probability of seeing a spectacular multi-car crash?

How could he forget the words to a song he’s sung 100s of time?

20170418_195807Last night, daughter Jessica sang in her final annual Spring Choral concert at Hume Fogg Academic magnet High School. I always look forward to this particular concert because it’s not only a fantastic display of brilliant talent and production, but it is also a “Dress Rehearsal” for the Choir competition in Chicago in a few days.

Every year, the Hume Fogg Choir comes home from the competition with top honors.

They did not disappoint the audience last night . . . simply breathtaking performance of song and dance . . . the best show I’ve seen in the 4 years Jessica has been at HFA.

Even though . . . there was a HUGE GOOF!

At the end of intermission, beach music started playing, and no fewer than 60 performers wearing colorful beach clothes (I loaned Jessica my famous “Jimmy Buffett shirt”) swarmed the stage.

Something was wrong!

Many of them had puzzled looks on their faces, and all of them seemed to be doing their own dance . . . as if they had ALL blanked out on the choreography they had practiced for months.

Incredulous! How could ALL of them goof simultaneously?

45 seconds later, they all cleared the stage, and the music stopped . . . The director ran on stage and and simply shouted: “Take 2”

The music started, and the show went ON magnificently!

The music that started the 2nd time wasn’t the same music as the first time . . . The sound engineers had cued the wrong song for take 1.

How refreshing to know they aren’t perfect 🙂

When things go wonky, don’t be so hard on yourself or others.

Identify – Acknowledge – Reset – PERFORM!

Maintain composure!


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