ONE Implementable Idea

Today was the day for the world’s BEST REBarCamp in Nashville.

750ish Top Notch REALTORS (From all over the country) were expected to show up at Rocketown throughout the day.

My strategy for events like this is to accomplish 2 things:

  1. See the “Right People”
  2. Seize ONE Implementable Idea

I always show up EARLY . . . an hour before the event starts . . . because catching people on the front end as they walk in is best. The energy is always high with anticipation at that stage of it . . . and there’re fewer distractions before the whole thing is launched.

I also get the chance to HELP the organizers with final prepping of the space . . . I do this because it immerses me in the event at a Deeper level (mentally) than just showing up as a participant . . .

This morning, I saw and spoke with most of the folks I hoped to see BEFORE the event even started . . . and I got my ONE Implementable Idea in the first 45 minute session.

I could have left the event at 9:30 and been tickled pink with my “day” at REBarCamp . . . But I didn’t because I wanted to see my friend Greg Cooley’s session about his cool new “BuyersBucket” program.

I left the event at 11:30 feeling satisfied with the return on my “investment.”

Of course, I could have stayed for the whole thing and probably would have learned a LOT more . . . but . . . would it have been “implementable stuff?”

If I had walked out of there with 10 great ideas, would I have done what I always seem to do after conferences . . . relegate the majority of the ideas to the “ToDo Someday” List never to surface again?

Probably yes . . . and so I decided to cut out the chattel . . . and take myself to be useful elsewhere (Final Walkthrough and 3 closings) . . .


PS – Where I fell short on this event is that I did not “Teach” today. In the BarCamp Meeting format, the participants are also the “Teachers,” and I had full intentions  of teaching some Life Rhythm components . . . but those darn closings spoiled the brew 🙂

So . . . What’s YOUR strategy when you attend conferences?

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