On being a mouse in a maze

Like it or not, you’re a mouse in a maze.

The good news is that your speed and efficiency improves over time just as this little guy completes the maze faster with each run

The only real problem is that with every iteration, you build “memory” (both mental and physical) which is fine and dandy until someone moves a wall or tosses you into a completely DIFFERENT maze . . . at which point you become frustrated as you realize that you’re gonna have to recreate the wheel.

Fear not because there is more good news.

With each iteration of having to figure out a changed or completely different maze, your amazing brain and body get better and better at mastering each maze with increasing ease and difficulty even as each successive maze is more complex . . . a higher degree of difficulty.

Your choices are limited to finding better ways or failing . . . and for most folks reading this post, FAILURE is NOT an option.

Let’s focus on find better ways . . . FASTER!

We do this by finding and engaging or creating leverage.

Gary Keller offers 3 kinds of leverage that each and every one of us can and should be employing (deploying) intentionally so as to increase our odds of being a better, faster, leaner, smarter, more efficient competitor in this thing called life.

May the odds be ever in your favour

PEOPLE who can attend to the 80% stuff so we can maintain laser focus on the 20% Vital Few things that matter most.

SYSTEMS we create such that we only create the wheel the first time and improve with each iteration over time.

TOOLS which other people may have created which can help us get more done with less effort.

Quit being frustrated by change and go ahead and accept the raw fact that everything is and will always be MOVING.

NOTHING is static!

Expect to be surprised!

Embrace your own power and project it ahead of you as you forge your way towards the goals.

Commit to yourself that everything you do will bring you one step closer to mission accomplishment.

Always moving forward . . .

As with any great and challenging game, there are “legal cheats” . . . ways to “game the system” so as to improve your odds of capturing your pot of gold.

I’ve put together a 4 session “Workshop” which I call “The Life Rhythm Way”

My goal is to help those who attend optimize their individual human experiences while here on planet Earth with us.

We begin with a simple question: “Why are you Here?”

. . . and we then determine our unique roles and goals

. . . We then find and engage a rock solid accountability partner(s)

. . . We learn how to BUDGET our time, energy, and money

. . . We explore what “Working IN your business”

. . . and “Working ON your Business” are and how they are different

. . . and most importantly – We explore “Working on YOURSELF!”

Four 2 hour (11-1:00) Thursday sessions beginning August 16,2018.

The cost?

Only your time . . . and commitment to optimizing this experience by showing up and being fully present throughout every session.

This course is designed for any human who seeks a better quality of life regardless of profession or status.

Success is definitely equal opportunity for anyone and everyone who fears not.

Register by emailing me at Barry@ParetoRealtyllc.com

Below is my Drive Time Video recorded this morning.

Do you want to be a better mouse?

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