Numbers that MATTER – 6 – 39 – 242 – 220 – 569 – 337

Each quarter, I reserve a couple of hours every day for a week to “cleanse” my database.

It’s amazing how cluttered that thing can get after 3 months of “normal” business activity.

Our lives have gotten so “Raplex” (Rapid and Complex) that NOTHING stays the same for very long.

This quarter, my mission was to “take out the trash” . . . Not intending to sound insensitive . . . just being truthful.

As I started the cleansing routine, I began noticing people in my database who I could not fathom having any “relevance” to me personally or professionally. These people would have been people who I met along the way and gave me a business card and dutifully entered them into my database with the hopeful expectation that our meeting would ultimately turn into a real relationship.

For years, EVERY person in my database has received a minimum of contact from me  of once every month (Most get 4), and the feedback loop really does mirror the 20/80 principle . . . 20% of the people Respond and actively engage yielding very productive and satisfying relationships . . . 80% don’t.

When I started, the database started with about 2400 – today, there are 1587 . . . 800+ people gone. I am certain that none of these 800 people will ever know, and for sure, I will not miss them . . . because we never had a relationship.

So . . . With less clutter about the place, I can divert any/all of the previously “fruitless” attention paid to these 800 to my freshly “categorized” group of all of the people who REALLY matter.

6 – Core – BFFs – Advocates for me and I for them

39 – Family – Know me “Warts and All” and still love me and I them

242 – Inner Circle – Friends and Clients who are likely to refer new clients

220 – Allies – Local Business and Professional Service providers

569 – Local REALTORS – My colleagues here in Middle Tennessee

337 – Out of Area REALTORS – Colleagues from all over the country

While the “Database” seems sometimes to be a cold and calculating mechanism for “Categorizing,” I believe it’s an essential component for building an healthy business. the ultimate goal is to use our limited resources of time, Energy, and money such that we can serve the most people who MATTER in our lives . . . impeccably.

We can’t do this if we try to serve EVERYONE!

PS: Our next Life rhythm Workshop session is THURSDAY 10/24 at 10 AM . . . This one is about working IN your business which is ALL about relationships. The database is a key component of working IN your business. Join us for the session if you’re ready to get a good grip on you database 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend.


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