Monday Morning Coffee – The Little Way

Heard in “Adult Religious Education” this Sunday during a very lively presentation about the History of a handful of Saints:

“The Little Way – Doing Everything out of LOVE!”

The rest of the presentation was very entertaining but paled in impact as I pondered the true power of The Little Way.

This was just minutes after the Oh-so-profound quote I had written in my pocket note pad from the Scripture reading:

“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”

I think I have some facebook friends who might improve the Facebook experience of ALL of their friends by noticing and heeding this powerful albeit pithy statement.

“That man is a legend in his own mind.”

“She’s forgotten those who helped her in her climb to success.”

Each time I study a very successful person, I see a clear path of generosity, humility, abundance, and gratitude.

When I see one of these successful people tumble off their pedestal, it doesn’t take much digging to learn why . . . Success sometimes goes to the head resulting in “BIG HEAD syndrome” . . . more “Self Exalting” and less humility.

So . . . Climb that ladder of success and CELEBRATE accomplishments along the way . . . Just be sure to be intentional about doing everything you do out of love!


Wag more and bark less!

I can’t wait to meet you at the top 🙂

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!

Woke up this morning to find this visitor hanging out in anticipation of us opening the garage door – YIKES!

Spider PS: Of one thing I am certain as I build Pareto Realty and work with Home Buyers and Sellers in Nashville . . . Everything I do and every success I have the privilege of being able to celebrate comes from love. I have humble gratitude for My clients, the Real Estate Sales Professionals we call “The Vital Few” of Pareto Realty, and the myriad people who support everything we do . . . We’re all in this thing together and as one succeeds, we ALL succeed. Thank YOU for your very important role in this tapestry of life.

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