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For as long as Humans have inhabited Planet Earth with any level of Mental Cognitive ability, “Stuff” has happened that’s been completely unexplainable. When things happen that defy all logic and understanding based on current knowledge and experience, we can label these happenings as “Chance” or “Mystical” or “LUCK” . . . We might even create a few “Mortal Heroes” from the experience.

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visibly struck
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Many folks look to God and wonder about the possibility of “Divine Intervention” . . . Could it be that these happenings occur as “The Invisible Hand of God” exerts influence in the lives of us mortals?

As the “New World” (North America) transitioned from Colony to Nation, there were many such unexplainable events . . . and lots of them happened in very close proximity to George Washington. He noticed and consistently gave credit to whom he believed orchestrated them – God. 

In Visibly Struck Steve Kubicek offers an intertwining of 2 very compelling stories – the story of George Washington’s life and experiences leading up to his inauguration as the First President of The United States of America . . . and the parallel story of a present day “Godless” man who had become bitter through the years and doubted the existence and/or goodness of a God who would allow such “unfair” things to happen in his life. This man was in a coma and was slipping in and out of awareness as he learned about “The Invisible Hand” of God.

Regardless of your religious beliefs and convictions, Visibly Struck is TOTALLY worth reading if for no other reason than to gain some new perspective. The author is by no means “Preachy” . . . This is not an evangelical book – there’s real Historical perspective and really keeps the reader wondering and observing “Unexplainables” in our lives.

This Friday is the first meeting of a book club I am forming. We will meet monthly (3rd Fridays @ 10 AM) to discuss the books we read . . . but you do NOT have to attend the meetings or live in Nashville to participate because I will publish the Titles of the books we are reading each month on this blog site and on my facebook Events Page. The books we read will be about life and Business . . . but mostly life 🙂

The goal?

Read More

Learn More

Live More

Do More of What Matters

This month’s book will be – yes – Visibly Struck by Steve Kubicek

Click on the link or go to your favorite book buying source to get your own copy – Join us this Friday the 24th for our first meeting, and we’ll have until February 21 (Our next meeting) to read it.

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