Monday Morning Coffee – Proceed til Tackled

Good Monday Morning!

This morning, I awakened to find an absolutely GLORIOUS day unfolding just outside our door.

Yesterday’s gloomy “Soaker” weather had departed in the darkness of night and was replaced by crisp, cool air and brilliant, blue, cloudless skies.

All I could think to say: “This is going to be BEST week EVER!

There now . . . You, too, can make this your best week EVER . . . I give you that permission (as if it’s in my power to do so :-))

As often is the case when I sit down to write Monday Morning Coffee, I have remnants of soccer field happenings still lingering in my head from our girls’ recent games.

“Proceed til Tackled”

Daughter Jessica’s Hume Fogg Lady Knights Soccer team performed admirably in their match with Hillsboro and won 5-0, but they had their share of frustration because the Burros had this pesky strategy of pushing their defense very forward of the goal box making it virtually impossible for Hume Fogg to “Send the ball” to a Forward without creating an “Off-sides” call.

My guess is that there were no fewer than a dozen off-sides calls on our team in the 2nd half of the game.

The ONLY way to the goal would have to be a “Proceed til tackled” approach. A forward would have to pick up the ball earlier (at mid-field) and attempt to (alone) punch through the line of defenders. If she were able to get through that gauntlet, there would be no-one between her and the goalie and scoring would be a cinch.

The problem was there were a LOT of defenders on that line, so our offense would proceed til tackled . . . then drop pass to another forward or mid-fielder who would proceed til tackled and so on and so on . . .

Almost the entire 2nd half of the game was played on about 1/4 of the field with virtually no scoring.

Interestingly, “Proceed til tackled” was just as necessary in daughter Allison’s game which ended with a loss because of a Heart Breaking penalty kick in the last 15 seconds of play.

The respective defenses were doing their jobs well and thwarting most offensive efforts to get themselves within striking range of the goals.

How often do we find ourselves in “Proceed Til Tackle” situations in our lives?

We sometimes call this “Beating our heads against the wall” which is painful and seldom seems to move us any closer to our goals.

What do we do?


Instead of “Proceed til tackled” . . . What if we were devise a new strategy that allows us to proceed over, under, around, or THROUGH the tackles?

It’s those folks who “get” this notion that “proceed til tackled” is an exercise we often must endure and with patience and persistence and ingenuity we must OVERCOME so as to get to the other side WITH the ball into striking range.

Oh . . . one more requirement . . . Have FUN while doing it.

This week will be the BEST week EVER because we’ll THROUGH to our goals all week 🙂

(Pssst . . . I’ve already “scored” a few times this morning)

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