What motivates you?

I’ve been watching Basketball coaches all season and have witnessed ┬ásome AMAZING styles of coaching.

One coach sat on the bench the entire game and only left her seat for time outs and 1/4 0r 1/2 time breaks. It was as if there were a button in her butt – Like pulling the pin on a hand grenade – As soon as she was vertical, she would go into a Tasmanian Devil RANT – Screaming at the players and flailing her arms and throwing whatever she could find to throw. At the end of the tantrum, she’d sit back down and go catatonic. This would happen whether they were winning or losing. It was her style of coaching.

Another coach dresses like he’s going to the Senior Prom for every game. He’s calm, cool, and collected and seldom raises his voice – NEVER sits down – and calls his players individually (during play) for short bursts of on-the-fly 1:1 coaching. He’s Masterful at calling Time outs at precisely the moment when his players get covered up and/or out of rhythm.

Some coaches have their “starting 5” and stay with those 5 players for the entire game even when things aren’t going well. these coaches rotate the benched players into the game in the final 60 seconds of the game as long as there is a 20 point or more differential (winning or losing).

Then there are the coaches who have pegged each player for ONE and ONLY one position. this proves problematic when there are 2 great players who both happen to be pegged in the same position . . . they can’t ever both be on the court at the same time.

the Microvational Coaches are the ones who feel like they need to command and control EVERY action of EVERY player EVERY minute of the game. These coaches are SCREAMERS. Spectators often wonder if these coaches will suffer a heart attack before the game ends.

In the Army, we had Drill Sergeants who also had different styles.

The screamers definitely got more reaction . . . the others got response and deeper learning.

So . . . Which is better?

Reaction based performance?


Learning based performance?

What motivates you?


what’s your style of motivating others?

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