Like a Mouse in a Maze!

Is this you?

Most people will identify with being a mouse in a maze in pretty much all aspects of life.

Since birth, we have had a torrent of new “challenges and opportunities” coming at us with little to no training . . . and often no way out other than making it though the maze.

Sure, we have cheerleaders and teachers and mentors and google and siri who all try their best to prepare us and be good resources for helping us through . . . but when it comes right down to the truth, it depends on US to do whatever it takes to succeed.

There are NO step-by-step instruction books for most scenarios we face in our lives.

It begins at childbirth with the snipping of the umbilical cord and the slap on the bottom . . . The baby’s gotta wake up and smell the coffee that some things need to be learned to survive – Like BREATHING and EATING!

For the proud (and VERY SCARED) new parents, there are no instruction manuals that will tell them what to do when this new baby “breaks the rules” and does things that don’t mesh with the wisdom in the myriad books and internet sites they use as resources. In the end, the parents often have to relinquish their wish to control every intricate facet of this child’s life and resign to having to “Muddle Through” just as the mouse in the maze does.

This is OJT (On the job training) writ large. In the Army, I had LOTS of classroom instruction from which I learned MANY strategies and techniques for survival and accomplishing the missions I might be deployed to carry out . . . What we all knew was that what happens “in the field” seldom occurs per the training manual. It was the OJT – Hands on training (which included plenty of failure) that REALLY prepared us for “the fog of war.”

The most valuable skill in all things is resilience – adaptability of the current conditions to the knowledge we already know and learning as we go.

As I’ve come to grips with the reality of all of the above and accepted the humility of acknowledging that, while I am positionally in charge and responsible for my actions, . . . I’m not “in control” of everything that happens.

A few years ago, I began branding myself as a “Real Estate Strategist” instead of “Broker” or “Consultant” or “Salesperson” because I realized that the most important value I offer to my Home Buying and Selling clients, and the Agents I manage is my ability to be that mouse in the maze who is able to unravel ┬ácomplex scenarios so as to move transactions through the inevitable stormy parts.

Every day, we encounter scenarios that baffle all of us to the degree that I often quip: “You can’t possible make this stuff up . . . It’s straight out of a Spy/thriller/Suspense movie script”

What’s important is that we face it and strategize and be that mouse diligently and persistently until we find the food at the end of the maze . . . and that we LEARN along the way, so the next time we encounter a similar flavor in a future transaction, we at least have a base of knowledge from which we can launch.

My suspicion is that most “Experts” in ALL professions are Master Strategists.

THIS is where the rubber (often) hits to road in terms of “serving and protecting” the client. Of course, not all agents have this depth of experience – yet – and they can “level the playing field” with the advantage of relying on Mentors (Principal Brokers and “Seasoned Agents” in my business) who are willing to brainstorm new ideas and approaches to tackling sticky situations.

At Pareto Realty, we do a LOT of this amongst ourselves. Not a day passes that doesn’t include a LOT of OJT as we all navigate our own transactions and we pick each other’s brains to serve our clients at the level we promise (which is a VERY high level).

So . . . there ya have it!

All this time, you thought you were a “Professional” or an “Expert” or a “Master” when, in fact, you’re really not much more than a mouse in a maze.

How’bout them apples?

If you’re in the Nashville, TN contemplating buying or selling a house . . . or are a REALTOR seeking a highly supportive and interactive Real Estate Firm, I hope you’ll connect with me . . . Let’s start strategizing to get you where you want to go when you want to be there.

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