Keeping it clean!

A few days ago, Deb asked me to grab a broom and take down all of the spider webs around the house (mostly outside on the deck).

I had noticed that there were more spider webs this year than other years and figured it was just a “Nature thing.”

Deb went on to say that she had talked with a bug expert who said that spiders are LAZY! They’ll move onto a used web and repair it if possible (rather than starting from scratch) . . . so if you don’t take down the old webs, you’ll actually attract more spiders.

If you’re in a regular habit of removing the webs, the spiders will move on to a place where there’s less work involved.

So it goes with most pesky things in our lives, eh?

If you don’t attend to them, they tend to multiply/expand.

Do you have kids?

Isn’t it amazing how quickly a neat and clean house can become cluttered and dirty? It all begins with just one toy left out on the floor . . . Next thing ya know, there are empty chip bags and drink boxes and other toys and clipping from art projects . . . and all you did was “blink.”

How does this apply to your work?

Is your database nice and clean and orderly?

Your files?

Your schedule?

Your lead flow?

Do you feel balanced . . . in rhythm?

If not, perhaps it’s time to clean up some cobwebs.

Even better, develop a new persistent and consistent HABIT of REGULAR maintenance/cleaning rather than allowing things to get ugly enough that you’ve gotta stop your forward motion to get your house in order just so you can function.

This is completely YOUR choice!

I life of reaction to disarray . . . or a life of routine maintenance and rhythm?

I’ll choose the latter but must confess that my database is a MESS.

So . . . for the next week, my lead generation will consist of a thorough tidying up the database and making contact with all of the people who have been buried in the rubble the past several months.

I’m pretty sure there’s a veritable GOLD MINE of new business in there just waiting to be discovered.

Is YOUR house in order?

What’re you gonna do about it and how will you keep it clean once you get it clean.

Quit inviting the lazy spiders into your life . . . They really make a mess.


Peace and Love!


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